About weven

Josie Wickes, Mila Harris-Mussi, Rhia Davenport

Weven is an initiative originally conceived by Rhia Davenport, a crafts and folk enthusiast born on Dartmoor and devoted to the handmade. 

Weven was founded as a way to support makers who celebrate folklore alongside ancient country crafts, folk skills and techniques in the way they conceive and craft their works. All the makers and craftspeople use responsibly sourced materials and work with an environmental and sustainable ethic.

Running as a not-for-profit enables us to offer makers a platform to promote and sell their crafts without high monetary retail pressures; We also endeavour to share many of the dyeing and endangered folk crafts and calendar customs of the UK through workshops and events.

The word weven derives from the old English word ~wefan~ meaning “to weave”

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