About weven

Weven is an initiative originally conceived by Rhia Davenport, a crafts and folk enthusiast born on Dartmoor and devoted to the handmade. 

It was born from the desire to have an open, accessible creative hub where makers, individuals and families could come together to learn and create; as well as showcase and celebrate the intricate and eclectic range of traditional country and folk crafts that are being made across the UK.

Friend and talented artist Mila Harris-Mussi worked alongside Rhia to help weven crystallise and flicker into realisation. She collaborates on many of the in-house products, naturally hand dyeing materials and presenting her own textile work through the shop.

As a jeweller predominantly working in brass and metal clays, Josie Wickes was brought on board to create a range of causative works that embody weven’s force, culminating in a range of corn dolly and woven inspired pendants and earrings.

Together they work across the enterprise to further enrich and augment weven.

The word weven derives from the old English ~wefan~ ‘to weave’.

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