Through my work I provoke questions about the material world, design and function. How was this made? how does it work? what is it? Questions that I think are vital to our everyday life and what we choose to surround ourselves with, without these questions I wouldn’t be doing what I do today.

My name is Callum Partridge and I am a Metal smith.
Growing up in the countryside I would question my surroundings and how I was meant to interact with them, be it natural or man made. My goal as an artist is to apply these questions to my work and encourage intrigue and curiosity within the pieces. Using traditional silversmithing techniques and processes, I create functional objects such as candlesticks, beakers, trays and boxes.

Many of my pieces have components made from a wide palate of materials that fit together, this creates an instant interaction with the work, which challenges the user and allows them to see more of the pieces that they might normally miss. Each form and design is heavily influenced by
its function, and material.

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