ESTIVAL Private View


Join us for the private view of our celebratory Summer exhibition ESTIVAL.

To celebrate the launch and collaboration of Meta, Weven and Tomari-Gi, we invite you to join us for a festival of events orbiting around our central and introductory exhibition ‘Estival’.

On the 21st of June 2021, the UK will finally step out of some of its darkest days to meet with the sun on this, its longest day: The Summer Solstice.

During the Solstice, the Sun stands still in declination; It has reached its highest point in the sky, and from now until the Winter solstice, its highest point will drop slightly each day creating the illusion for a short time only, that the sun is in stasis.

A group of  selected Artists will share with you their response to the way in which life has begun and been halted almost ceremonially over the last year, creating its own neopagan calendar centering around this new malevolent force. At the time when we are about to be set free and life can finally move forward again, the sun chooses to hesitate.

A moment of contemplation before a new year begins.
Join us in our celebration of resourcefulness, summer and the sun.