The Sunstone of Orbury Common: Short Film Premiere with Live Soundtrack


Around the next corner, under the surface and just out of reach lies Orbury Common, a spectral place where orbs float freely. Emlyn Bainbridge and Josh Day-Jones are dedicated to seeking, recording and interpreting emanations from this otherworld, and translating them into digestible music and visuals.

As part of Estival celebrations, the pair will premiere the full length of their short film, The Sunstone, made in collaboration with filmmaker Jonah Kidd, and perform a live, responsive soundtrack to it.

The film will imagine what a midsummer custom in Orbury Common might look like, whilst referencing the local folklore of Stroud’s Longstone, the custom of well-dressing, and that of celebrating the shortest night and solstice sunrise at Stonehenge.

Their live soundtrack will take its sonic inspiration from a range of influences, from drumming circles, to the acoustic properties of stone circles and burial chambers, to Morris Dancing, and will react sonically to the visuals in real time.



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