Mila Harris-Mussi has a design and art practice rooted in constructed textiles and natural dye techniques. She finds much of her inspiration for texture, colour, pattern and structure in textiles from many different countries and cultures.

Mila’s practice is centered in exploring a wide range
of traditional and unconventional approaches to textile materials and construction. She is preoccupied with the mark left by the individual, the unique way of making something by hand and the cultural traditions, stories, myths and rituals associated with textile making.

Mila’s work is process led with the final outcome taking its form in sculpture, installation, performance, garments or workshops.
In 2020 Mila founded Mussi, a hand-crafted knitwear label with a focus on creating garments that will stand the test of time. For the Weven shop space Mila has designed a unique collection of knitted chevron neckties in a variation of contrasting colour ways; together with a selection of
hand dyed silk scarves made in collaboration with Daisy Gray.

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