ASTERIA Starry Woman Necklace, bronze


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The ASTERIA necklace is based on the deity of the same name, who in term was both a Titaness and also the daughter of Helios. The name Asteria means ‘starry one‘, or ‘of the stars‘. To me she represents the strong woman or sacred female.

The front features a relief design of Asteria and a series of stars sitting in the night sky. The reverse is plain but includes echoes of maker’s marks which would have featured in the original wax as part of the making process. The bail is attached as an integral part of the piece.

Each pendant measures approx 1.8cm wide x 2.5cm high including the attached bail. Each one is impressed from a original so can vary in size slightly to the size given.

Every one is made individually by hand so the one received can differ from pictures given slightly.


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